Friday, January 18, 2013

Update Jan'13 PS

I've mentioned this before but evidently my muse likes the the cover of "Hex Appeal" by E.L. Elrod.

Cover Here

Off an done since I started reading the book I've been thinking of the story so I decided I better do it, which means I need to do it at work interrupting my work on two WIPs there.

As I have stated more than once even though the girl on the cover is in it, it's a relationship story, she's a cop undercover. Her husband does not like it that she dresses like that especially when she can't tell him what case she is working on. He's a low level Mage and there's a vampire and a very adult situation during one of their fights. I've debated on how to do that situation and if I should. But hubby uses the situation to show her that he really did something and that he really has a certain ability.

Funny thing is that I had assumed and thought out the situations from his POV. But hold it-Raised eyebrows. Uh, it's not, its from her POV.  Amazing.  I hope I can pull that off without making her to cliche-ish. Any tough, career   minded woman here like to look it over?

And the story will is now longer. While writing it discovered that instead of as I thought that she was undercover to catch "john-s" but she isn't she is undercover-bait- to catch a murderer.  I still think the story will be shortish and I believe I have figured out how to do that adult situation.

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