Thursday, January 3, 2013

PS on writing goals

Oops, while thinking about something Dean said on his Online workshop I realized I didn't finish something.

I said I was going to get two novels ready for sending out and/or Indie publishing. What I am going to do is actually send out those two books and possibly publish them on the Internet. According to Dean you can do both. 

I would need some one to do the covers for Indie publishing and Pod-print on demand but I can do that.

I would like to get at least on book published the traditional way but watch out for those new contracts they are a lot bigger now and have some not good clauses. One has the writer pretty much become the writing slave for the publisher. You get paid but you do what they say when they say it--when it comes to any type of writing under any name. 

So I would need an IP or Intellectual properties lawyer. One who knows publishing, 

More later

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