Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Writing Goals for '13

Okay, it’s a New Year...time for setting goals and maybe new beginnings.

I don’t make resolutions but I can make goals. First though a thing about the difference between goals and dreams.  Goals are things you can do and have control over. Dreams you have no control over.  You can do what you can do to help a dream along but that’s it. By that I mean learn to write better--practice writing-send out or e-publish stories and novels but you can’t control what an editor wants or how they feel the day they read your story-novel. Same thing with buyers on the internet.

More on that subject HERE  .  

But goals you can have control of and those having to do with my writing are as follows:

Finish the two novels I’m working on--one I am still writing and one I am sending out to a reader or two to look over--and get them ready to send out or e-publish. More on that later.

Work on each of the two novels I am writing and at least make significant headway. I work on them at work and so I don’t think I will be able to finish either but I can get close.  I may decide to work on one at home after I get the two other novel ready to go. 

Do more stories. That one is kinda obvious but I have certain ideas in mind to do. First is finish stories whose openings I did for Dean’s Online workshop recently and do two more about that character and turn them into a five story set for the e-publishing. I also have another opening I did for Dean I want to finish. Plus a couple of other story ideas.

Send out stories.  Also kinda of obvious even though I don’t have any set numbers to send out. It depends on how many stories I do and any new markets I find. I could say send out at least one story per week. Even though I hadn’t thought of it before that is doable and could get me to do it. 

Learn more about writing. I bought a new book on writing and I can reread some of old ones. See about any other online workshops. Keep reading pro writer blogs and David Farland’s Daily Kick. 

That’s it for now I may think of something I forgot and add a PS

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