Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thoughts on President Obama

Warning another political post, if you need a warning after the title (’s in three parts
Part of this is a repeat.

Part One New for here I believe-it was a letter to the editor my local paper didn’t print:

  Now we are going to have more laws, regulations, and rules--less freedoms, and businesses. More broken Constitution. Longer Recession--if anyone thinks Obama knows  anything about the economy, prove it. Reagan could have had us at least half way out of it by now. Media reports--I don’t mean Fox News either--about a year and half to two years ago showed that a good sized portion of the jobs President Obama  created lasted two weeks to two years, some were counted twice and one certain business lied about using money they were given to hire new workers. 

President Obama is a bigger liar than Bill Clinton and Nixon put together. Recently almost everything he said about Romney was a lie and he lied about what he knew about what happened in Syria. It was his people-if not the President’s himself whose lack of knowing what to do led to the torture and the murder of our Ambassador and three others. If it wasn’t for at least two heroes--one of which was killed--there would have been thirty more deaths. 

So more debt for the US and most probably less water for the Calif. farmers and more punishment taxes to get us to do what he wants to do. There’s hardly anything to stop him, he’s a hard core liberal--statest 

Part Two:

Some thoughts on the election:
We will have more laws, regulations, rules, more broken Constitution,less freedoms.
Negative campaigning works, almost everything Obama’s people said about Romney was proven a lie.
No one cared that President Obama lied to cover his and his PC liberal people’s incombantents that resulted in the death of four people in Libra and how thirty more would have died if it wasn’t for some heroes-one of which later died. It’s worse than Watergate.
The President said we needed everyone to work together. Why doesn’t he? He’s the one that basically told the Republicans in Congress that they would do it his way because he won. They need to fight tax increases. Taking more of people’s money won’t help the overspending or cause prosperity. 
Bill Clinton was wrong. We have evidence from Four Presidents and some Governors that Reagan’s method works every time. The economy would be better now if we had used his way. The President is the stubborn one, he won’t listen. 
The people who were lied to about being entitled to other people’s money because someone is keeping them down won the day. It looks like The Spirit that made America great is dying. 

Part Three New thoughts:

Many of Obama’s voters decided it would be better with goodies from the government: cell phones, very long unemployment etc than having a good chance at a great jobs market. Notice I didn’t say all of the people that voted for him only a good portion. They wanted to barely get along in life with guaranties from the government instead of working for an all around more successful life with an ideal that has proven to work for a better economy a lot more often that what the President is doing. People can and even now some are succeeding in what they want to do in life more under the way it’s been the last hundred-two hundred years than the “fair” way liberals and statists want to do. 

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