Wednesday, January 16, 2013

discussion Benedict Jacka PS

A bit more on the "Cursed" book.

I said that I have already thought out a character in this world of Jacka's . I do  I know some of his background, where he lives and why he lives there. Instead of England he would be in the US but by "where he lives" I meant his house.  Anyway, I think it would be neat to put him in Australia but I don't know enough about that country to do that.

Anyway, I also know what power he would have. But if I was allowed to write I'm not sure of Jacka would agree to the power.

I will see if I could come up with my own world that would have a similar magic workings. There are already "universes" with the same type so one more would be possible.

I don't know when but it would be fun.

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