Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three stories almost ready

Okay, I will have three new stories ready to send out this weekend. Double check but it could be four.

Two are flash at 998 words each. That is one is mow. As I revise I've added a couple of words but I'll see if I can cut it back down. But it won't matter to Fantasy and Science Fiction or Strange Horizons. And another one I forget right now.

One is longer than I expected at 2,500 words but that one can go to Fantasy Magazine.

Hmm, need to do a SF tale. I have a couple half way or so done.

One of those stories I added to a while back but even though I was told I should add more of a story to it I decided to rip out what I had added and make it what it was. But I ended up turning it from third person to First and adding a touch to the story so we shall see how it does now. At least I think it's better but we shall see if anyone else things so. I still want to use what I ripped out and make another story with it. It will have the same setting as the new First person but different characters and plot.

And it looks like I am on my own with these stories. I hoped someone at hatrack would take a look at them but only got some suggestions on the opening

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