Saturday, June 18, 2011

New idea

I had been kinda of thinking of doing a UF Elf story for a while. But thought there were too many of them but tonight I wondered about that. There are stories with elves but not usually as the Main Character. I remembered one series I hadn't thought about for quite some time maybe because I haven't seen any of the books in that series for a long while. But this series was around even before the Dresden Files. Other than that I'm not sure of any with the MC is one. I'm probably forgetting a couple or ten but right now I can't recall any.

So I spent a few minutes thinking about my idea. Maybe a half elf... halfies seem to be the in thing these days. But as I thought more maybe he's a quarter each of two types of elves. Or more than a quarter so he might end up being three fourths elf instead of half. But still two types.

So he's tall, skinny, kind of narrow faced and maybe handsome. Or very close to handsome. I was thinking of large pointed ears, almost to the tope of his head, but how would he hide them?

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