Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dean's new story and inspiration two

Dean Wesley Smith   has free story or 12. He has been doing e-stories for a challenge. The latest has a fantastic cover. It's a romance story under his romance pen name.

 I loved it when I first saw it. and I had to go back there for a couple of reasons so of course I was forced to see the cover again. :)     I felt like I could do my own story based on that cover. Of course a different title and characters and it won't be a romance, well it might have some romance in it but it wouldn't be a Romance. I believe I will do one.

Actually, the cover for his Slowboat Man story has my muse working over time also. Probably a vamp and/or werewolf story but with a twist. And I don't do those type of stories. But this one has to be one.

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