Thursday, June 30, 2011


A break from writing stuff here.

Finally got my credit card to work at iTunes. It had been so long since I bought anything they must have deleted my card. First time I tried to redo it they said the card was expired, same with the next one I tried. Oh,oh... turns out nothing wrong with the cards but it had me worried there. I might have put in the wrong month for the expiration date. Anyway it worked yesterday when I tried again... same card.

So today I wasted some time playing around...bad.. but I also procrastinated buying music. Got four of Rebo Rambo... love those horns-not to mention the songs. First time I checked on her music and they had it.  Want to go back and get more at another date. Plus I got five or six of Degarmo and Key.  They're my second favorite band that isn't together anymore. Great electric guitar in that group, good voices and songs too.

One died-Degarmo I think- so I will be able to see them this side of heaven. On a side issue I'm still praying that Petra will have a reunion tour here.  I saw a quarter concert with them once.  Should have went to their last tour even if it wasn't here... it was somewhat close.

So now I have some new music... a couple I never heard before and some I remember from years ago.

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