Thursday, June 30, 2011


I originally posted this on another blog but thought it might interest someone who reads this one/  Thanks To Those Who Follow Mine. 

Most of my ideas seem to come from pictures. Not all the time sometimes it’s; a line-song, other story-, an idea from a practice session-contest, a scene will just pop into my head or during a discussion about certain plots. The other day I got the beginning of an idea while reading what type of stories a certain market might want. One, a streampunk moon colony, just caught the attention of my muse. The part of me that comes up with ideas and stories etc. 

Oh one idea...a yechy one but I still may do it.. came from a discussion where someone mention the type of people who have sex with dead bodies. I have practically the whole story... a horror tale... in my head.   It's yechy enough so that I would use a different pen name on it. 

Shaking my finger  and saying "Bad Muse Bad."  

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