Friday, June 24, 2011

Misc. Stuff

 Rats, they took off Thor. Only needed it to be on three more days. It looked like it was going to make it but nope.

Bought a Color Nook tonight... It's charging.  Thought I had a B&N account but evidently not so it's taking longer register it and finish the set up. has a bunch of interesting posts. One is a link to a site talking about Borders' problems, Barnes and Noble's problems... so far not as bad as the other but it might get worse,  Amazon is coming out with a Tablet, they are having problems with spam books and copyrights, and a couple of other items.

And Dean has a link to some predictions that sound interesting and will be of interest to writers.

On vacation but no writing today. I have a book to start revising, two short stories to finish, four stories to crit, a novel to finish, a movie or two to see. All in two weeks Oh and finish revising my WotF entry for this quarter and send it in by the end of June.  


  1. Still learning but I have already bought a ebook or is that an ebook? In either case I bought one of thur them new fangle books.

    Still need to try getting on a web site not B&N and see about buying a story from Smashwords.


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