Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Writing stuff

I need to revise my story for the next quarter of WotF.

As well as revise a novel- I finished a couple of weeks ago-, finish another novel-"Angel Kin" yeah it's what the name implies, work on a third-New Mage- maybe even start a new one- and crit a couple of stories for and one chapter for hatrack. Seemed like there was something else. Don't think it's another crit.

That last could be to look over a couple of web sites so I can get my story on smashwords. I need some art for the cover image. I may have found a couple pics that could work. There are suppose to be some free ones some place though. 

Not to mention; do another story based on that cover image for Dean Wesley Smith's story... there's a link on another post... and do a different story based on another cover.   And There is another story to do also but can't think of it right now.

Love these writing vacations.

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