Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reading another book

Still not finished with Eclipses but I started this one because it was the first book I bought with my Nook. Couldn't find the printed version but B&N has the E version.

"Spell Games" by T. A. Pratt.


It's the fourth (I think) in a UF series about Marla Mason. Marla is the head sorcerer of a Felport. In other words she is the secret dictator of the city. She can be a real B... but only when attacked. She usually leaves her people alone and mostly minds her own business- she takes a small cut from most disputable businesses-unless she has to defend the city. She doesn't mind using dirty tricks or sneaking around if that is what it takes to win. Her passion is learning.

Not my favorite and may not even be in my second level but still a good read and an intriguing world.  Pratt came up with a well developed world and some unique methods of magic... most sorcerers  specializes even though Marla doesn't. In that sense this is very well done series. Good writing too. It's the story that places it on the lower level of my likes, more like medium or high-medium even. I still recommend the series.

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