Friday, July 1, 2011

Procrastinating-needed work

Spent a bunch of time to day--in two sessions-- cleaning up my WIP file.  Work In Progress, deleted ten to twenty files I don't need anymore, placed a few in certain folders. Rearranged a bunch too. Found three stories I had finished but never mailed out. One I knew about but thought I had sent it out once or twice. The other two I forgot about. So along with moving a couple of stories I need to revise I have something like six or seven stories finished. Three are ready to go, except for addressing them and all that.  Three or four I have never revised and one or two has been critted and so needs another revision. One last one is four The Fourth quarter of WotF. I need to finish the first revision but then wait until our, on hatrack,  groups formed to crit each other stories. Quarter three's deadline passed a day or so ago so we have time. The groups should be forming about now.  One guy is doing all the work... he deserves a standing ovation for his work.

Anyway, cleaning out the WIP folder was needed work but at the same time it was procrastination.

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