Monday, June 13, 2011

critting and my work

This fits in with what I had planned to say so I’ll combine the two.

Just got done doing a crit for a story written for WotF. Nice, well done. I couldn’t find much to say about it, I think it needed a little tweaking but not much work. Even though I could have missed areas that needed help I think it’s on the border between good and better. Afraid it makes me a bit jealous. More than likely she (more about who later) will get closer than I will. 

That leds to what I wanted to say. I’ve been reading my new grammar book; commas and other punctuation mostly... over and over again. I keep thinking this might be what I need. That’s bad because I’ve been disappointed with that before. But as I finish up my story for the next WotF contest the thought goes through my mind that when I go back over it, with what I have learned lately about writing, and doing the punctuation thing better that someone will say the writing is a whole lot better and that I am on the border, at least. And that they can’t find much to say. Of course I’m not saying it will be perfect writing but it would be good if it was very good writing. But that’s a wish not reality even though I keep hoping for it.     

Oh yes, I hope it isn’t bad to say her name but about the one who wrote the story I critted can be found on the side list of blogs.

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