Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And yet one more inspiration

Just want to say that I came across this site    by accident but it reminded me that I want to write a streampunk story. Well, that site and a discussion on hatrake.

The site has a menu button that explains streampunk. I think it could be fun and interesting.  It's the web site for a book "Phoenix Rising", I have it but it's still on my list to read. Check out the video on the right side. Well done, even though she isn't as alluring as the character is but they have him down, I think.

And this reminds me of a world I invented. Set in 1800s out West but with a different society. Based on India type of culture next to a faux Roman type with still another type I haven't decided yet.

And that reminded me of a story I started hand writing. Never finished it but That might be good. It's based on the Nightside series and that other series outside of the Nightside both by Simon Green. My own world but the same type of super hero-villain characters.

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