Saturday, December 31, 2011

Part Three on New Year

Some people have stated how many words they wrote

I'm not sure how many words I wrote. At least what is now a 53,000 word novel. And at least half a dozen stories.... make that twelve.  One was over 10,000 words, three were less than 500, another less than 2,000, a couple around 1,000.  Oh and a couple that came in around 25 words- for a contest. So make it at least 15 stories. Plus two chapters for one novel and three in another- it might be five in that one not sure when I started it. Plus a few other chapters and stories I think.

Not to mention a couple of letters to the editor. And gobs of posts here, on Google+, hatrack and a couple of other blogs. And an odd E-mail or ten. But that was all non fiction. 

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