Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two more goals reached

Okay, fulfilled two more goals.

Revised and sent out the WotF story for Q1-'12

And I submitted 12 stories-which includes the WotF one-instead of ten. Thought I would do 13 but can't decided whether to send in one to Pseudopod Of course all they can say is no which they probably would do anyway. But that story would be tired up for a month or more.. a lot more if they are as bade as Escapepod used to be.

And that includes stories to two new markets for me. Wish I had one to send to Lightspeed but JJA is very hard to get by and the one SF I haven't sent to them is the one I sent to WotF. Not counting some that I wrote years ago that need work.

So two more goals to go.

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