Thursday, December 29, 2011

And yet another goal

Okay, finished rewriting the last two chapters for my Nano novel Breaking out.   

Of course now I have to revise the whole blasted thing but for the second time it's officially done. I don't think I will add that other chapter I thought about doing. I might do something with the idea as I revise but we shall see. Or save it for the next book with this MC.  Yeah I want at least one more.

It's now somewhere around 54,000 words. I imagine it will be under 60,000 by the time I'm done. So either try to sell it as a YA the traditional way or E-publish it. 

Oh Cat Rambo had a special offer for Wrimbos: a special price for an editing . 

Just sent off the last batch of feedback to someone on their NanoWriMo novel. I'll remind folks that this is the last week to do so if you want to take advantage of my editing offer for NaNoWriMo novels mentioned here:

Too bad I probably won't have mine ready to send it to her in time. But I might be able to use her usual editing. I will need it for E-publishing. 

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