Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rant, update and Thanks

First the thanks:

Hey, I have seven followers now. Thanks Mary Ann.  I've known a couple of Popes in my life. :)

I may know at least one reason I have been procrastinating so much with the ending of New Mage. I don’t know how the end battle goes. In my mind I have two scenes ready to. One my MC is shooting super hot plasma out of her hands to get through the bad guy’s shields. And second a Griffin drops through the house’s roof to help my MC. He eat some other supernatural creatures and/or distracts the bad guy enough for my MC to do something sneaky. I will probably have to bring that out to a cover patio since the house has four floors but I can do that. But I don’t know what else happens. My MC needs to use a plant she brought along but I have no idea how. Maybe I just need to write and see what comes out of my mind. That sometimes works out okay.

And I should have sent out some stories today. I started to print out two stories last night but couldn’t  First the printer says it’s low on ink. I figure there probably is still enough for two shorter stories, I just need to keep an eye on the printing to make sure. But then a third of the way through I see that somehow the The End got placed on a page by itself and that other pages are misaligned. There are extra spaces between some sentences. I stop the printing and fix that. Start over. I somehow noticed that one page has a stain on it Ekkk, So Reprint that page but I discover that other pages have printing on them. So my story was printed over what was there already.  UGH so no stories out today. 


  1. Hey, thanks for the warm welcome. :)

  2. Kind late here but You're welcome.

    I like to say that to everyone


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