Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finished NaNoWriMo

50,900 and some words.

The last chapter needs a whole lot of fixing, the writing is a mess and the ending was rushed but I can fix it later. Actually, probably the whole thing needs a lot of fixing but my "burst writing" as one NaNo writer of the weekly encouragement E-mail called it, got a good work out. :) 

That final battle scene may look a bit like a couple of earlier ones too--I kinda cheated a little bit.   And that last couple of paragraphs are full of Tell.  But I can add a some show later.

Just not sure of when I will get to it. I want to redo it now but I still have that other novel to finish. And last year's NaNo Novel to get cleaned up so I can send it out or e-publish it.   Still going back and forth on that. I think I will E-publish (with POD) this year's especially if it stays under 70,000 words which it might. Maybe under 65,000. I have two chapters to add and to revise some- maybe rewrite the last half of the last chapter- but that won't as a huge amount of words. 

I want to add one or both of those chapters before my MC receives a hint and when he figures out where the bad guys are. 

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