Sunday, December 4, 2011

General update

Okay finish with NaNoWriMo as I referenced a couple of posts ago. So I am catching up with business I let go as I was working on the NaNo novel.

I crited two chapters for one guy is who is writing a novel. The Dread Naughts. An interesting and I think somewhat different tale. Whenever it comes out, if you like intrigue and action plus the MC always in danger, a race against the bad guy that could result in various deaths, you will like this story. So keep it mind. I'll be back with the writer's name.

I have to choose a story for a contest. A smaller contest but still interesting. This time the premise is home.

I need to work on my final version of a story for WotF this quarter ending the thirty -first. I should do that first.

Finally worked some on my New Mage novel that should have been finished at least six months ago. I keep sidetracking it for some reason. Of the three novels I worked last year, that is my best... I think. I am eager to do more on and finally finish it, then I have to rewrite second and third chapters. Noticed I said rewrite not revise.

Need to send out stories, to IGMS, Fantasy and Science Fiction, if he is still taking stories to Lupine at Fantastic Stories. I know which one to send to him.

Him and F&SF and one other are the only paper stories I send out now. Everyone else takes it through the internet. Well, there might be one more I would snail mail out.

And the number five follower seems to have settled down. It has been on Five for the last three times I came here, even when I go back to the blog after adding a post. That's good.

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