Thursday, December 29, 2011

Slight update and a surprise

Revised one mini story well, actually a flash.  What I mean by mini is less then 500 words. This one is 955.

I had forgotten I had one western almost written. I finished it, revised it a bit, spell checked it and sent it to Pedestal. I thought they took various genre and flash. I was right on both counts. But they change what the want every month or so. I just happened to hit them at the right time.

I had to check on my other western to see what my pen name is for that genre. Which I will reveal if the story gets picked up by any one or I e-publish it.

Probably should have spent more time on the revision- nitpicks. Probably left some in the way I go. But I hope the idea that I hit them at the right moment means something but we shall see.

I have another western but it's probably closer to 2,000 words if I recall correctly. I might send it to ZOETROPE next week. Their reading period opens on the first.

Oh, I am also slightly surprised that none of the online markets I sent a story to have sent a rejection yet. Some are pretty fast with one.

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