Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Goals for the New Year

After reading a post on a writer's forum I realized I hadn't set forth any goals for this next year. I made a couple last year but can't recall them exactly, one or two had to do with getting my novels ready to send out which I haven't done. But back to this year


Besides the ones that are continuous such as; growing spiritually(this place  as well as reading the Bible-praying-worshipping will help with that) and in my relationship with my wife (learningp changing and growing spiritually will help with that), there are some other goals:

Get three novels ready to send out or E-publish.
Finish Angel Kin.
Write a bunch more stories-How many would depend on how long they are.
Send a story to WotF each quarter.
Send out more stories
Do another novel- have to decide on which one.

Not sure of any other non writing goals that wouldn't be included in the above paragraph.

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