Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Unsympathetic Magic" By Laura Resnick

Third in a lighthearted UF series.

Yet still a wild ride as one person quoted on the cover says. Very well done, great descriptions of events. With romance mixed in also. You can also learn something reading this book. I didn't know there were watchtowers in New York city. Built during a bygone era but evidently still somewhat kept up. Somewhat not totally.

And she discussed the religion of Vodou(Rats can't recall the exact spelling and the book isn't handy). For personal spiritual reasons I'm not sure if I really wanted that much in-depth teaching on it but still interesting and well done. The teaching fit into they story rather well.

Her first sentence is one of the longest I've seen in quite a while. Almost throws my theory that First sentences should be short, out the window... almost. Personally I think she pulled it off but one writer who can do it well doesn't destroy my idea. I don't think any do-s and don'ts of writing are ever one hundred percent. And of course the type of book may have something to do with it too.

And Laura has a way with titles in this series. I don't have time right now to list them all but I think they're great.

So buy the book and read it. Don't forget books make great Christmas presents OH speaking of that Don't Forget My Story in Strange New Worlds Ten. Another great present anytime. A link is one the side of my blog. :)

I used a link to B&N because I use them more, they give me discounts-some as much as thirty percent off.
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