Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First goal

Yea, I finally finished New Mage. Not sure how many words but I think it's less than the usual amount but that's okay. Personally I think it's my best novel. I still need to redo chapters two and three and revise it all but I wrote the end today. :)

Funny thing is that the world was inspired by Laura Anne Gilman but I think the character was inspired more by C. E. Murphy and one or two other writers of UF. In both cases I so mean inspired, I made the world and character my own with their own way of doing things and their own hurts etc.  I will count the words but I need to finish my next goal: getting my WotF story ready and sending it out.

As a certain writer I know would say, where's my Macho to celebrate?   :)

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