Saturday, March 24, 2012

WotFQ3 change of plans

Oops, maybe change of plans.

I've had problems with the Third Quarter--yes I know it's not the third quarter of the year, WotF likes to do things differently and there's a reason behind it-- story. I have three tales I have thought about using. I am writing one I thought might fit with what they seem to want, except for one little detail. But I believe I have discussed that already on an earlier post. Anyway,yesterday I finished revising a story I wrote over four months ago but never got around to. Finally decided I needed to get it ready to send out. I finished it and was ready to get my name address etc on it and to send it out... or so I thought. But a while later I lay down for a minute and rested my eyes while I waited for my wife to finish with her craft site. Suddenly the idea popped into my head to use it for Q3. But I thought there isn't really all that much struggle- as one hatracker thinks they like and thinking back on volume 27 I agree- in it but my muse said, oh but there could be very easily. Instantly I came up with ways to add more struggle not only physical but emotional also. So he has to fight--make that run from-- outward opponents and at the same time fight his own tiredness and "every thing goes wrong" attitude. That is all I will say about it.

They story is UF which doesn't seem to go over too big with WotF but will shall see. A certain hatracker who is good writer has had problems with that genre and WotF. Without knowing the specific stories he sent in maybe they didn't have the right type of struggle. Maybe, maybe it wouldn't make a difference. I decided to take that chance.

At the very least this story will be improved, there will be more action and tension- more than one type I hope- plus my MC will change. More description of setting, of the human senses and more getting into my MC's mind. All of which is suppose to make a story a better tale. So if it works only half as well as I hope, it will be- as I said- a better story no matter what WotF feels about UF. Of course they are my problem with commas and it will still be my writing.

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