Monday, March 26, 2012

New computer

Okay, new computer all set up. Had to go buy a different adapter but everything works as it should. Except for our flat scanner. May have download a driver for it but we our printer has a scanner so we may not need it.

Got pages which is a good thing. I tried opening my old word processor's files and got a message saying it can't open that WP anymore. 

But I have figured out if I can put headers on a pages file. It will open the old WP's files but no headers. 

Monitor is wider now-- it does make a difference. Computer is faster. The old computer was suppose to be fast but this opens files-even online- even faster. 

CD drive works but I had a problem. I put in a music ÇD to test it but it kept kicking it back out. Finally got the idea that it was upside down... wonder why they would want us to place CDs in upside down. Oops, it wasn't the CD that was upside down.

I told someone at work about my problems with pages and no header. He said I should change the View. I did sure enough everything showed as it was suppose to, it even looks closer to what I'm used to with my old WP which is good for me.

One thing though, I will still have to make new WP copies of most of my old files especially if I want to add or delete something. That will take some time.

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