Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Someone's debut novel and my novels


One of the members of the hatrack forum I'm on wrote this novel.

Here's an article about it and the cover.

Niiice for her. Good work there.

A bit jealous though, she has a book published and I can't even get one ready. I have three novels written--well actually five but two are older, but none of them are ready to send out or to E-publish. Of course that's my fault no body's else's. 

So I am thinking seriously of cutting out all short stories, except for WotF and a challenge I'm working on and just work on getting two of those newer three ready to go. One is about a quarter of the way done and another is probably less than a eighth ready. I thought about waiting until my vacation but I don't want to wait 'till June. 

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