Saturday, March 31, 2012

April plans

Next week I will be cutting back on revising and writing new stories. I want to revise one more for sure because I want to send another to Fantasy and Science Fiction next Saturday. It would be the fourth in a row. I have ten to fourteen stories written that need revising so I may just continue. If it doesn't take too much time away from what I plan to do--- more on that down below. 

Reminds me of a couple of years ago. I had something like ten weeks in a row- more than once- to F&SF. A couple of times there were one or two weeks I skipped but it still needed up with eight to twelve stories before I had to stop for a few weeks. I'm surprised JJA didn't get tired of seeing my writing. I thought about him thinking "I wish he would learn to write".

I worked on Two Struggles-, I took out and saved some stuff about my MC's background, it will probably go in another chapter even though I have no idea where. So I'm now past that section I've gone over four times in this round but I may need to go over at least part of it to make sure it all fits with the empty space from that section I took out. But it's nice to be able to finally go on. The rest of the chapter may not need that much rewriting--- and I'm using rewriting not revising on purpose. I am rewriting that section.

Anyway, back to what I am planning.

I've got three finished novels that need revising--including Two Struggles which just needs a bit of rewriting. But I haven't touched them for a month or so. One has been even longer then that.


I've threatened this before but I think I will be take April off from writing and just work on revising. That doesn't count at work and any WotF Q3 writing-revising-crits and maybe a challenge for hatrack, I want to do. I would wait for that last but I've already waited since Christmas. We shall see about that. 

I had thought to wait 'till my vacation to do the revising but that isn't until the end of June. If I can have at least one book done I can use that time to E-publish it or send it out. 

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