Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reading a New Book

"The Sweet Scent of Blood" by Suzanne McLeod.  It says it's a Spellcracker novel. Since I can't find a list of books I assume it's the first one. The Spellcracker world is a different world then most UF-paranormal books have. Well thought out in this case.

Not badly written and the MC is not bad. She has one annoying habit though. She tends to panic when faced with a vampire. I mean face to face. Of course she has reason but still. I get tired of that type of reaction. Fear is one thing but as I said we're talking panic here. But over all I like her and wouldn't mind reading more. But I dislike the world McLeod came up with even if I think it is well thought out. Vampires and fea live mixed in with humans, which isn't so bad. There are troll police officers and her partner is part satyr-- great grandfather or some such was one.

Vamps have three bites. One just takes blood, one adds something a virus or something, I'm still a little confused about it all.  I think that one makes a blood slave addicted to bites. The third one or V3, it can turn a person into a vamp.  And vamps have legal rights.

 According to the back of the book the MC has her own dark secrets and one is hinted at almost immediately. A very strong hint, followed by a couple more in the next few pages. Easy to figure out even before it is confirmed. I guess I won't say it here but as I said very easy to figure out.

So even though I will finish the book as of right now I don't think I will get the next one. I say it that way because it is subject to change. I'm only maybe a fourth of the way into the novel so the rest of the tale might change my mind. We shall see.

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