Friday, March 16, 2012

Update on McLeod

Okay, the next two are out, boy am I behind. Need to find them and take a look.

Looked over Suzanne McLeod's web page.

For some reason I can't recall I thought she might be a pen name for some other writer I like. Can't recall where I had read that. But if so than she changed her face and her personality. Could be another new writer and not her.

She has a special fan club for the fans of the Spellcracker novels. and some artwork someone did for two characters.


  1. Suzanne McLeod's blog looks awesome. the voice is great and the pictures too. Maybe I'll check out her books if the voice is as strong as on her blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I don't if you read a review I did of "The Sweet Scent Of Blood" on an earlier post but I think her voice is strong.

      Actually what I call a kinda of review is in two parts.

      Just in case you haven't

  2. If you or anyone else likes McLeod's stuff you will probably like McGuire also. A post on her latest.


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