Sunday, March 18, 2012

More on WotF Q3

As most of you probably know I WotF is Writers of the Future contest. They do four times a year. They have done this for 27 years and put out a volume of all First, second and third places winners of the year. This year's Quarter 2's deadline is the end of March. That story is done and will have one more read over before I send it next weekend. So it's time to decide on what to send in for Q3.

There's a problem though, can't make up my mind on which story to use.

One I just wrote, one I have already or a third one I started but am not sure about. That last one is darker than usual for me and I'm not sure about the middle. I believe I mentioned it on an earlier post.

On a hatrack forum thread, a guy- an interesting character- who likes to go by the name of snapper, suggests WotF likes struggles. From reading last year's winners I can see that but all three stories have that. In fact with the the one I just wrote I could add struggles to two scenes. If I decide not to use that one I can get some help with nitpicks and bad writing. Either through hatrack and/or Universe Annex.

I know it's my choice, I'm just venting a little.

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  1. Interesting post. As someone interested in words, I thought you might like to look into the word play in cryptic crosswords (if you aren't already into them). I have been doing a series of posts about cryptic clues and how to solve them. This is the first one in the series:


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