Saturday, March 24, 2012

Can't write

Rats, can't write... well actually I can write a quarter or less as normal. Let me explain:

We are getting a new computer. The old one is at the store where they will be transferring all the data on the old to the new one. I'll be getting both tomorrow afternoon.

I'm using the laptop to get online but I won't be able to work on chapter two of Two Struggles or revise the stories I wanted to revise, which includes finishing up the one for Q2.

I could start a new one--an opening line for a UF story with dragons popped into my head today-- and I can start revising those ten stories I did inspired by by the Bookend challenge. I've mentioned those ten on pervious posts. Work on "Stone Within" or the one story I had thought about doing for Q3-but probably won't now- but that's about it. 

The new computer is a Mac mini... had to get a monitor for it and a CD drive-burner but at least we can use the old keyboard and mouse. But be nice to have a new word processor-which I have to buy online- and the latest in iTunes and iPhoto even though those weren't that old. I couldn't download any more updates for those because the new updates are designed for a computer with different hardware not to mention new and improved OS. 

Man is that CD player-burner thin. Barely longer and wider than a CD. Need to get out of here so I can do that writing. I can at least start that UF dragon tale.

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