Saturday, March 3, 2012

Music set

Taking a break from writing:

I went onto iTunes today trying to find the first Carman album. I have it one cassette or record but not CD or on computer. I wanted to find a couple of songs I remember. They didn't have that one. He has out a lot of albums, they even had a couple I've either never seen or forgotten about but not that one. I still managed to buy a couple of his songs though. And decided to order one of those I don't recall.

iTunes now will suggest certain other songs when you buy one. I usually ignore those suggestions but I noticed something strange, Newsboys had one called "Boycott Hell", umm, that is one I love by DeGarmo and Key and the title is unusual enough to say there couldn't be two of them with that title. So I played the sample, yep D and K's song. Wow. It's on what looks like the Newsboys first album, could be second I suppose. They did it differently than D and K, D and K is rockier-- love those guitar licks, I wonder how Newsboys new lead singer would do it.

I ended up also buying a couple of Leon Patillo songs, d. C. Talk, along with a couple of other older ones. I want to do a list of older songs. Way back in the seventies. Love Song and Children of the Day etc.. I may have to add a few that are a little newer than that like that first Newsboys album but it will work out. :)

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