Friday, March 16, 2012

Another update thing

Okay I finished "The Sweet Scent of Blood" by Suzanne McLeod.

It wasn't quite what I expected from the beginning. I said I didn't like the world she invented but I might be able to live with it. In other words there's a chance I would read the next one, have to wait until it actually comes out and I can look it over. Suzanne is a great writer and story teller.

I think I finished the series of stories I was doing based on the hatrack challenge I mentioned earlier. I said, "I think," because I counted ten stories all together and there should have been eleven. Either I forgot one I was going to do or I miscounted. I will get around to counting them again. Now to decide what to do with them. Sounds obvious but my original idea was to sell them online as a set. 15,000 to 16,000 words with 11 stories but I may decide to try sending some out individually.

Worked on my next WotF story. I went back and added some background for the MC, reading Volume 27 they seem to like that in stories. (shrug) still my writing so who knows.

Have yet to hear about last quarter's WotF story. They might be getting close to deciding who gets to go to the next level. I have gotten Honorable Mentions- lately only with the help of the good people on hatrack- before so it is possible but it is also possible that I will last 'till the last cut. Or even go on.

Started next quarter's WotF story but I don't know. It's a different type of story for me and even though I know some of what happens in the opening and some of which happens in the end I need to come up with some of what happens in the middle. Well, all that happens that is. I will keep working on it but as I said I don't know. I have another story I might be able to add a bit to and I have a UF story I've sent out a few times but with help from the bunch at hatrack it might serve. Not sure if they like UF but so far no one has stated they don't.

Finally making some headway on that second chapter of New Mage or Two Struggles. Not much but at least it's going in the right direction. Now if I can figure out a more sophisticated title than Two Struggles but that would say the same thing.

Inner And Outer, maybe.  :)

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