Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stone WIthin

Been thinking about this novel more. I have the third chapter almost done... I paused so I could finish a series of short stories. More on that in a previous note.

Anyway, the story is UF even though my MC doesn't do magic. But I want her to do a couple of tricks that may seem like magic but goes along with who she is.

She can make a shield that is proof against most magics and a lot of physical objects etc.. but it uses her life force so it's very hard on her. The larger the shield the more it takes from her. She figures it could kill her if it lasts long enough but that she will probably be unconscious therefore would release the shield, before that happens

Second idea: I may give to someone else instead of her is the ability to glide. I don't mean she can take off, she has to jump or fall from a certain height. She would be able to slow her fall.

Third: She can blast people, animals etc.. again it takes her life force so she can only do it a little. And it harms certain types of beings more than others.

Fourth: she can catch a spell sent her way and send it back to the person who cast it at her. She has to be ready for it and actively concentrating on it. And it doesn't work if the spell is powerful enough. Like the ability for spells to slide off of her. Most spells would but the ability is not 100 percent. Some spells may effect her for a little while but others could kill her or worse.

As to what she is that comes up later maybe in the second book. That isn't unusual. I base this idea on two UF series. Both have MCs who are more than human because of something in their ancestry. One could be as many as fifty generations ago. The other one I'm not sure. But in both cases the MC didn't discover exactly what it was for at least a book. One was given a strong hint in the first book but it wasn't until later that she found out what the hint meant. So my MC will just have to wait to find out.

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