Friday, April 29, 2011

A writing book

This writing book is different.

"The Secret Miracle" edited by Daniel Alarcon. It the Novelist's Handbook. Kinda like a panel discussion on writing novels. There's about 15 to 20 different novelists in this discussion though. The two most famous are Stephen King and Amy Tan but there are a couple other well known writers. Some of the others have done only one novel. Basically it is just questions like you would get at a panel discussion and a bunch of the writers answer each question. I say a bunch because not every writer answers every question. So far, about half way through, Amy Tan only responses to a few. King does a bit better.

It isn't what I thought it might be but I will read on. One question was what they expected from the first chapter. I didn't read every response but it sounded like they basically said the same thing for that one. It has to hook the reader. One writer said it has to punch the reader in the stomach and have him on the floor howling in pain but when he gets up he asks for it again. Another dealt with how many outline. Kinda interesting, Amy Tan seems to be the most like me in that sense. 

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