Friday, April 29, 2011

An idea

I was reading a follow writer's blog and she telling how she had spent some time inventing a history of a group of people in one of her novels...a novel she had just finished. If you like to know more here is her blog

Anyway, I thought that could be interesting and fun.

So I left her this note

 Almost makes me want to come up with my own history of something or another.  Maybe something Trolls or orcs or ....

Now that could be interesting a family, or clan, of orcs trying to make it in our time. I would have to explain how they got to North America and when and which generation this family was. Still could be interesting and fun. 

If I did go with that I wouldn't make them all evil or mean. They tend to have tempers and many have joined the military through the years since they like to fight. Might be a YA book.

Some day I will have to see if I will do it or not, I'm not sure right now...could be a short story series.  Or I might come up with another idea. (shoulder shrug) Who knows I may do it after I am finished with my current three WIPs in a couple of months. More on that in another post.

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