Monday, April 4, 2011

A couple of misc. things

First I have a third Follower  Good and thanks. I don't recognize the family name but that's okay.


I tried to send my first five chapters of "Bright Lights And Chaos" to a publisher that was having an open moth. Evidently they are one of the publishers that really are strict about no one without an agent can try them. I hear from some pros that not every publisher that says that really means it. Anyway, Angry Robot wanted the first five chapters and a two page or so synopses thingie. March 30th was the last day. I almost sent it in early but discovered they had a second page of what they wanted which was more more complete than the first page I had been going by. So I ended up redoing part of my synopses changing the font on the five chapters. That took me to the 30th. And I found out they are in England. Oh boy I wasn't sure but figured they would be a day ahead of us here in the US. But since I had everything ready I decided to take a chance and send it it. No confirmation which probably means I was late and/or I did something wrong.

But at least it was good practice.

and third,

WotF is having their awards ceremony early this year, I would love to go, all kinds of pro writers could be there. I say could be because I don't think they all go probably just most. I don't know if Dean Wesley Smith will go this year. He tried to go last year but had a mishap with the weather. It's all on his blog. But it will probably be cooler in May that last August last year or I forget what he said about it but he could try to fly. Maybe.  If he was going I would want to go even more.


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