Sunday, April 10, 2011

That Plateau again

Just a bit of venting today...

I was commenting on a post in the hatrack writing forum and I mention that the way I have been writing lately I needed a lot of practice.

That got me thinking, I do seem to be slipping backwards at the moment...maybe getting lazy or have some kinda subconscious “why try” feeling.

But more importantly it reminded me that I have been stuck on a writing plateau for a long time. I’ve mentioned it here a time or two but not for a while. It’s been three year or so with no real improvements, I’ve read writing books, read online comments by pro writers, had scads of stories critiqued and if there was something a few to a lot of people said or had been repeated with different stories I tried to make a change. Nothing. Some people have said just write the way you want to but that doesn’t get me anywhere either. I like to think I’ve made minute improvements but there’s no way to see if that is just wishful thinking. I’ve tried experments-that seems to work for some writers- but again nothing. 

I made a comment on Dean Wesley’s Smith’s blog about trying to find a sliver bullet or rule that will get me going forward again but there doesn’t seem to be such an animal. 

I suppose I will keep trying maybe I will get some revaluation that will show me I’m trying too hard or the two or ten things I keep doing wrong-obviously I can’t do it on my own-but so far nothing.

I may give up and just write for me. I’m sure there will be some readers online who will like what I write. Of course that number will probably be small but at least someone will be reading my stuff and enjoying it.   

I do need some type of writing breakthrough though.


  1. Might I suggest you give Holly Lisle's page a visit? I did and it helped me a lot. One of her biggest advice to writers is Write for yourself first. If you find out what you are passionate about, and examine the core of why you write in the first place, you can carry that in every genre you write. Writing needs passion. Otherwise, you might as well scramble eggs or something.
    If you write what interests you, the way you love to write it, you will find a lot more readers than you think. You will draw readers who don't think like you, but see the authenticity in what you write that will be missing if you write to please that invisible audience that you have no business tapping into. If you can't stand to put the pen down, your readers will not be able to put the book down.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I have heard of Holly Lisle before, from you maybe, Seems like I have been to her page.

    However I am writing what I love. But I could be writing to that "invisible audience" or I think more likely writing for the editors which is probably related the "invisible audience".

    Thanks again, I will find Holly Lisle's page.


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