Monday, April 18, 2011

More Ideas

I'm working on a short story with a non-human MC. "He" wakes up at the beginning of the story. And today, might have been last night, I had an idea about a novel.

That is doing a whole book about this character. Of course the action would be all in or very close to one place since he can't move but that would make it challenging and hopefully a bit different from the other UF novels. Of course to really make it different I should rearrange the plot too but not sure rearrange it how. Have the bad guy win? But that isn't really mixing it up. Oh well, that is for later, if I do it at all.

Sorry if it sounds vague I don't want to give it all away.

But another idea is a weredragon.  Actually I came up with the idea of weredragons in a short story I did few years ago...of course no one wants it...but that one is straight sword fantasy. This idea would be about a guy, maybe twenty, who starts getting an itch besides each shoulder blade. Later it turns into a real pain.  turns out he's half or so dragon.  I don't want him too young, after dragons age slower then humans, but haven't quite decided yet. Well, I said a dragon but actually its a weredragon. His mother and to a lesser degree his dad both have weredragon genes. 

Maybe it will be the next book after one of the ones I am doing now. But more about that on a later post.

and I have an idea for a space  opera might be rather long.. 

and a sort of idea for a space opera novel.--actually two or three of those sort of ideas.

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