Saturday, April 30, 2011

More on my wirting

I'm getting close to finishing the two novels I'm still working on and half way through revising the one I did for NaNo. I wonder what I will do when I am done. Of course it will still be two months or so but I pretty sure I will be done with all three by the time of vacation in June. I started two during vacation last year. So even though it's taken me six months longer to finish those two than planned I guess two in less than a year isn't bad. Actually three.

Anyway, when I am done I may work on short a bunch of ideas I don't have time for now. I may redo my first novel, a 320,000 word monstrosity that I did six years least. I have since split it into three novels. Since than I have learned so much about writing it would take a very long time to go over it and correct the wrong writing I did, starting from scratch would be easier.

Or I might do one of the ideas I keep getting for novels. Or work on my Angel cousin idea. I started it, two or three chapters to make sure I wouldn't forget it but since than I have come up with some ideas. The original idea would probably take less than 50,000 words mayhaps even less than 30 thousand. But if I add a few adventures like some writers do along with the main on it could work.

We will see.

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