Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter--"Beautiful Messes"

A part two here on Easter,

or a few things I thought of today.

As I mentioned or implied in the first note, God loves us. No matter what we have done, who we are, what we have not done. It’s all because of who He is that we are right with Him. We are “beautiful messes” as more than one song says, but He still Loves us. His death and physical resurrection shows this. He died for all of us and each of us individually. Hope is a big part of Easter. Not only for salvation from Hell and of an Afterlife but for His love, His life changing Power. To paraphrase one song; We are more than our past mistakes, we are remade, not the sum of our mistakes.  A couple of songs say that we have been remade. No matter how many we have failed.  

And a few more songs. “I am New” by Jasom Gray, on “Everything Sad is Becoming Untrue”, “Sunday’s On It’s Way”, and “This Blood” by Carman, on “Carman: The Absolute Best” “It is Finished” by Petra on “Beat The system” “He Came, He Saw, He Conquered” By Petra on “This Means War”, “Healing Hand Of God” by Jeramy Camp On “Speaking Louder Than Before”, “You’re Beautiful” by Mercy Me on “The Generous Mr. Lovewell”. 

And you can listen to some of these songs on these two radio stations. Plus you can contact them both to learn more about Jesus: His Life, Death, Resurrection and all that means for you. 

Joy and Peace as well as forgiveness.

Some of both DJs are on facebook and you can send E-mail to both stations.

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