Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Easter Or Resurrection Day post

This is a special time of the year. Easter or as many Christians call it Resurrection Day. Jesus physically rose from the dead after talking our place on the cross. This is important for three reasons. The Bible says that if Christ has not risen that our faith is in vain. It’s worthless that is. 

Second: It shows His power; he defeated Death and the devil, like no one has before or since. 

Third: And this os probably the most important reason. For it shows that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice was accepted. That His blood atones us--we are forgiven just as if we had never sinned.

Yeah, I know what some pagans and others say about the name but that is one reason as I said many Christians like to call it Resurrection Day. Personally I’m not bothered by using that name  so much because God is in the habit of converting or reusing things. He does this most with people, but He also does it the talents of the people He saves and even places so why not names. Plus these days most people know what we are celebrating on Easter. To me it doesn’t matter if we know the exact date or just the time of year. It happened. 

Some songs that I think help to express this are: “Children of God” By Third Day on “Move”, “You Love Me Anyway” by Sidewalk Prophets on “These Simple Truths”,  “Jesus Saves” by Jeremy Camp on “We Cry Out” and “Born Again” by the Newsboys on “Born Again” and  another “Born Again” by Third Day on “Revelation”, and “Glorious Day” By Casting Crowns on “Until The Whole World Hears”. Just a few of the many songs that tell of the story of what the Resurrection of Jesus Christ means to us individually. Of course salvation is the very top on the list but having a relationship with God the Creator, who doesn’t hate us nor wants the worse for us- is top also. Hope is up there also.

And here is just one link to a place- http://vccfresno.org/welcome.html  -to find out more information or leave a note.   

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