Monday, April 18, 2011

Okay, another book not finished

I fee posts ago I mentioned a writer whose books I chose not to read. This past weekend while and B&N I was tempted to think about about buying the next book in that series anyway but I remembered what I had decided...but that isn't what this post is about.

There's another book, can't find it off hand and I don't recall the title or writer, right now but it's a Urban Fantasy CSI story. The Main Character works for a certain police unit. This was the second book in the series, which I finally gave in and bought because I couldn't find the first one even after months of looking. Anyway, I got maybe one forth of the way through the story. The writing was good but I didn't really like the MC all that much. The mystery was intriguing enough to keep me reading though. And the MC wasn't that bad... until she smoked crack. I decided I didn't want to read more about a crackhead even though she didn't smoke it every day, evidently not even every week. But she gave the same excuses as someone who was becoming addicted if she wasn't already. I will say that I'm not that crazy about MCs that get drunk either but so far most of those I read do it very rarely if at all.

I might go ahead and zip through the rest of it though to find out whodunit. Some lady that died decades ago is involved it looks like.

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