Thursday, April 28, 2011

My writing

Getting close to the end of two novels. In "Storm Born" I finally figured out a way to get my MC away from the werewolf he was there's not a lot of those type of things in it. No vamps, at least in this first book, who knows about later.

Anyway, he's about to figure out where the bad guy is going to call up the demi-god and that Now is the time. That will start the last chapter.

I'm further away from the end in "New Mage On The Block" but still starting to close in on it. I would like one more chapter before NA fights the bad guy. Probably be a short one.

And I'm half way through with my revision of "Bright Lights and Chaos". I'm very eager to finish it even though that feeling usually doesn't come until the last chapter or the conclusion of a short story. Of course than I will have to start fixing all the things the people in a certain group have found in the first four chapters.

Working on a short story but I decided to redo the opening some so I am redoing all I have written so far, it was quite what I wanted. The opening still isn't but it's closer.

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