Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Presidential Race. Who should be President

In case anyone needs to know this is one of my political posts so be warned.

This is a bit late, probably not many people will read it between now and Tuesday but here is a letter to the editor I wrote--they didn't print it but here it is anyway:

        I’m voting for Romney because I like liberty and prosperity. 
        From what President Obama has said, done and what the people he, on purpose, hired, do he doesn’t support liberty. The Secretary of Health would violate the Constitution to put in place a personal, PC agenda. One that can be handled by other means.
      Romney knows more about prosperity. Even if he personally ordered jobs overseas-evidence supports that he didn't but even if he did I don't blame him, more on that later- and sick businesses to shut down, he will create jobs for everyone. That will be one of his responsibilities as President-if it should be or not is another matter. He always carries out his responsibility. From what he says he knows how to fix the economy. Bill Clinton was wrong, Reagan could fix it because he did. People say our problems today are different than his, true he had very high inflation, interest rates along with high unemployment to deal with. Plus this idea has worked for Four Presidents and at least a couple of Governors. The same fix would work now. No reason to think it won't.
    Of course Romney doesn’t hate 47 percent of the population. I don't the real numbers but he was correct some of Obama’s voters will never vote for him under any circumstances.The President lied when he said he saw no victims. People of his mindset see victims in true and imagined racism, the Occupy Movement' s supposed victims of the One percent and the invented War On Woman, etc. And many of these believe they are victims, I've heard and read what they say.

The underlined words are ones I added to the letter for this blog. 

Now more on businesses going overseas. As I said I don't blame them...not only to save on payroll but for two other reasons. One is the growing number of laws and regulations dealing with employees. Second is related, the increase of  environmental laws which in many cases costs businesses a lot more money and paperwork and taxes. This goes for large and medium businesses--some of the last have moved to other countries also. 

And please notice I said Growing and Increasing number. There's no end in sight to use a cliche. 

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