Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Okay, President Obama stays

Warning another political blog so close to the last one.
       So pardon me my venting here:

  Now we are going to have more laws, regulations, and rules--less freedoms, businesses. More broken Constitution. Longer Recession--if anyone thinks Obama knows  anything about the economy prove it. Reagan could have had us at least half way out of it by now. Media reports--I don’t mean Fox News either--about a year and half to two yeas ago showed that a good sized portion of the jobs he created lasted two weeks to two years, some were counted twice and one certain business lied about using money they were given to hire new workers. 

President Obama is a bigger liar than Bill Clinton and Nixon put together. Recently almost everything he said about Romney was a lie and he lied about what he knew about what happened in Syria. It was his people-if not the President’s himself whose lack of knowing what to do led the rape and murder of our Ambassador and three others. If it wasn’t for at least two heroes--one of which was killed--there would have been thirty more deaths. 

So more debt for the US and most probably less water for the Calif farmers and more punishment taxes to get us to do what he wants to do. There's nothing to stop him. He's a hard core liberal. Statest .


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