Friday, November 16, 2012

Update again NaNo '12

Still going strong. 28,300 and a few less words.  Three days ahead by their graph.

But I will slow down tomorrow and Sunday. Got four crits to do. Two quick short ones and two longer more in-depth ones. The last two I will probably just start. And I need to read each story first. 

Slight problem though:
I need a good reason for a group of people--of various types--for attacking my MC's friends. So far, even though he's been caught at the wrong time and place no one is after him specifically. But I'm not sure why the other attacks. This is well organized and probably taken years to plan but...why?  I want to try think of a reason that is different. I know of a couple of the usual reasons but they are all cliche-ish or over used. 

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